We are open until 6 PM in summer

April 27(Sat.)-August 31(Sat.) Opening hours:9 AM-6 PM(Last entry -5:30 PM) ...

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Phyllostachys bambusoides Sieb. et Zucc. cv. Castillonis

On April 18th(Thu.),in the garden of bamboo in Koko-en,we could find their flowers blooming in a 120-year cycle. We found them for the f...

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The annual events schedule

We have released the schedule of the annual events from 2019 to 2020. Refer to the linked URLs for details. (http://www.himeji-machis...

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We have put up the signs of bamboo to scan the QR code.

You can see a variety of bamboos in "the garden of bamboo". Please enjoy taking a walk scanning the QR code with your cell phone to unde...

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The number of visitors in Tea Ceremony House"Souju-an" reached 700,000.

Tea Ceremony House"Souju-an" have opened since April 29th,1992.The number of visitors in Souju-an reached 700,000 on Tuesday,October 16th,2...

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More infomation

KOKO-EN is a popular beautiful sightseeing spot in Himeji City.

KOKO-EN is a popular beautiful sightseeing spot in Himeji City. Beautiful Views of HIMEJI CASTLE from KOKO-EN gardens.
It is 3.5 hectares (8.5 acres) in size, located just south-west of HIMEJI CASTLE.
KOKO-EN, consists of 9 separate strolling-style gardens of different sizes and landscaping themes in style of the Edo Period (1603 and 1868). The largest of the gardens is called “The Garden of the Lord's Residence”; another garden is “Tea Ceremony Garden” with the Sukiya-style Tea House,“Souju-an”. KOKO-EN, with it’s authentic Edo Period buildings and landscaping, is used as a backdrop for period TV Dramas and movies.
You can enjoy a lunch of delicious seasonal Japanese dishes with a scenic view of the garden at the Japanese “Kassui-ken” restaurant.

  • Overview of Koko-en
  • Garden of the Lord's residence
  • Tea ceremony garden
  • Kassui-ken